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Держатель для фенов компрессоров LT-1503
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Держатель для фенов компрессоров LT-1503

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★ IT 1503 Auxiliary Hose Support for Pel Dryer is composed of a chrome plating hose, a stainless fixture and stainless fixtures for the air outlet tube and is to be used together with the connecting fixtures.

★ The product isapplicable to the air outlet of a pet dryer, which serves for stability when the pel hak is being dried at a fixedposilion It releases the hands of the operators and reduces the workload accordingly
★ The specially designed chiome plating hose is neither too hard nor too soft, making it easy to position the pet dryers while at the same time able to support weight without drooping down naturally
★ LT1503 is a very practical auxiliary tool for pet grooming